Text Box: The Daily Star, Oneonta, NY, July 6, 2007. Book Review of Hey Ranger!

Park Remark, May 12, 2006, “Book Club.” On-line review of Hey Ranger!

National Parks Traveler, November 26, 2005. Feature Review of Hey Ranger!
Yellowstone Journal, August, 2005, “Grin ‘N’ Bear It: or, Comedy and Tragedy in the National Parks.”
Feature article about Hey Ranger!
San Diego Union-Tribune July 15, 2005, “Parting Shots.” Brief mention of the book.
Ranger- The Journal of the Association of National Park Rangers, Summer 2005 issue,  “In Print” column.
Book review of Hey Ranger!
Arrowhead - The Newsletter of the Employees and Alumni Association of the National Park Service, Summer 2005 issue, “Off the Press” column. Book review of Hey Ranger!
Trailer Life & MotorHome eNews, July/August 2005, in “Good Reads and TV” section. Book Review.
Texas Aggie Magazine, November-December, 2005, “Aggie Bookshelf.” Book review of Hey Ranger!
Tyler (Texas) Morning Telegraph, July 17, 2005: “The Positively True Adventures of the Roundabout Ranger.” 
Feature Article about  Hey Ranger!
Virginia Gazette (Williamsburg, VA), May 7, 2005: “Why Driver’s Speed – A Book of Excuses.” Feature article, page 1A about of Hey Ranger!
“Outdoors with Dave Richey,” October, 2005, “The Outdoor Review.” Book Review of Hey Ranger!
Great Falls (Montana) Tribune, May 15, 2005, “On the Shelf.” Book review of Hey Ranger!
Van Zandt (Texas) County Line, July 2005: “Hey Ranger - Former Park Ranger Jim Burnett Tells His Adventurous Stories.” Feature article about Hey Ranger!
Athens (Texas) Daily Review, April 10, 2005: Stone, Jennifer, “The Wild Life.” Feature article about Hey Ranger!
Corsicana (Texas) Daily Sun, May 14, 2005, “Area Author to Have Book Signing Today.” Feature article, page 1A, about Hey Ranger!
Daily Press (Newport News, VA), May 22, 2005: “Former Locals,” brief mention in “Book Corner” column.
Photo of Jim Burnettclip art of microphone
Text Box: Inside/Outside Magazine, Nov/Dec 2007,  “The Big Book Review,” review of Hey Ranger 2.

Wyoming Wildlife, September, 2007, “Wild Books” review of 
Hey Ranger 2.

“Let’s Talk Outdoors,” June 30, 2007,  on-line radio interview on Blog Talk Radio.

The Salt Lake Tribune, August 31, 2006, “Outdoors Bookshelf,” review of Hey Ranger.

Miami Herald, September 5, 2005, “Rangers deal with visitors’ misadventures.” 

Houston Chronicle, July 14, 2005, “Hey Ranger! There May be a Problem Upriver.”
The Dallas Morning News, June 12, 2005, “Looking for a good read?” (Article was syndicated to other newspapers around the country.)
Text Box:                    Hey Ranger!       
                               True Tales of Humor and Misadventure 
                     from America’s National Parks
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